Multi blade arbors can be arranged to match part size for making several cuts with one pass. Using precision ceramic spacers we can gang wheels to get maximum throughput and will fit and Mti or Mtinc Gang Dicing Saw






Multi Blade Pitch Gang Arbors

Single Blade Arbors



Single blade arbors can be used for extremely tight tolerance parts and will fit any Mti or Mtinc Gang Dicing saw.




Single Blade or Gang Blade Flange



The Single Blade or Gang Blade Dicing Flange will fit on many different model machines including Veeco Dicing Saws, Disco Dicing Saws, Adt Dicing Saws, Mti Dicing Saws and Mtinc Single Spindle Dicing Saws. These Flanges can be engineered to your parts dimensions for single or multi blade setup.




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