CNC Cutting Services for Hard Drive Manufacturers


MTInc machines are used internationally to slice and dice hard drives at a sub-micron level. Our technology and process provide hard drive companies with the tools necessary for optimization and perfection of their product.

Precision and Optical Dicing Services

Precision & Optic Dicing Services

MTinc has 40 years of experience in slicing and dicing precision components. We manufacture custom designed machines to offer precision dicing for a wide variety of products and exotic materials. Committed to excellence, our engineers will assist you every step of the way to develop a concrete process for your optics, regardless of size and material.
CNC Cutting Services for Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies

Medical & Pharmaceutical

In collaboration with suppliers, MTInc uses extremely durable and high-quality materials, leading to long term sustainability for your products. Our machines are the most precise in the industry and hold tight tolerances, producing impeccable parts and extraordinary results. The quality and speed of our service will put you and your company one step ahead of the competition.
Military and Defense CNC Services

Military Defense

Top of the Line accuracy and precision

When it comes to the safety of our nation, MTinc takes no shortcuts. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we boast and promise exact precision and accuracy at all times. Whether its optics, metrology, or tooling, MTinc is the best resource at your disposal. We are a high-end one-stop precision dicing manufacturer that will meet all your defense and military needs. All equipment is manufactured in the USA
Aerospace CNC Services


Innovative approach

MTINC has extensive experience in working with companies using our state-of-the-art high-precision dicing machines to effectively and accurately slice and dice parts for a variety of aircraft. With over 40 years of experience, our engineers have mastered the art of specializing in custom designing processes to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Automotive CNC Services


Impeccable Quality

MTInc has upheld constant high quality manufacturing practices, from conception to fruition, we promise only the best for our customers. Our machinery and equipment are powerhouses in the industry, making speed and efficiency one of our specialties. Additionally, MTINC has help the automotive industry produce products that neutralize the harmful substances in automobile exhaust, exceeding environmental regulations.

Electric Car CNC Services



Our precision gang dicing machines have forcefully enhanced the ability to manufacture components for electric cars. Our machines create a faster, better, and more cost-efficient process, allowing electric car manufacturers to produce higher quality products at a quickened rate.