MTinc has a wide variety of mechanical upgrades for all MTinc and Mti dicing saws. We can supply and install Linear Rails, Ball Screws, Vacuum Systems, Magnetic and Vacuum Chucks, Mechanical and Air Bearing Spindles, Vision Optic Upgrades including Polarizing Kits, LED Lighting, and Camera Lenses.

Pecision Rails, Ballscrews, Machine Upgrades


Precision Rails & Ball Screws, Gang Spindles and more.

MTINC Vision System


MTINC’s HMI Software is a dynamic solution when upgrading your MTINC or Mti Fanuc CNC dicing saw. 

Fanuc Upgrades, CNC Machine Upgrades


MTinc provides top of the line programmers with the ability to completely revamp your CNC Ladder programming. From small corrections to a complete transformation, our engineers will have your machine running at the absolute highest quality, with unfailing safety measures and speed to match.

Pneumatic System Upgrades

Pneumatic System Upgrades

MTINC Machines are well known for their quality and reliability, making them the top choice among many manufacturers.