PDS-300 / PDS-Mini

The new PDS-Mini is a fully functional 4-axis CNC dicing saw. It is a powerhouse in a small package, with many different options and can be configured to dice a variety of products. It is powered by a Fanuc CNC control which gives the customer the ability to design, configure and program any way they choose. The PDS-Mini can dice a wide variety of materials from extremely small products up to 1.00 inch (25.4 mm) in thickness. It can house up to a 6″ inch dicing wheel to make deep cuts into a wide range of material.


The PDS-Mini is a groundbreaking dicing saw that packs an impressive punch for its size! Featuring highly versatile Fanuc CNC controls, this 4-axis machine can be customized to slice through virtually any material – from small components up to 1.00 in diameter – with remarkable precision and efficiency. With endless configurable options available, the PDS-Mini provides cutting-edge technology designed specifically to boost productivity.

Made In USA, Manufacture in USA


With over 40 years of experience, MTINC Machines has developed a reputation as an Industry Leader for high precision CNC machine slicing and dicing services. By providing a solution centric approach to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industries, our high precision and power dicing saws provide the highest quality cutting services in the industry at sub-micron tolerances with extreme repeatability and reliability. We actively improve our customers products by offering unparalleled insight into slicing and dicing process development; with our wealth of experience in the industry, we can provide the latest cutting-edge technology to maximize productivity, efficiency, and ensure your product is of the highest standards and quality.