MTINC On-line Truing System

MTINC’s customized on-line truing system is a proven robust solution to true diamond wheels directly in the machine. Blade truing is a crucial step in any slicing and dicing operation. By machining down the outside diameter (OD) of the wheel, the online truing system ensures the rotation of the wheel is concentric with the axis of rotation and shapes the profile of wheel to be square edged, which is necessary to obtain optimal cutting performance.

The advantages of truing your cutting wheels are immeasurable, and have a direct impact on the quality, repeatability, and reliability of your wheel and dicing saw. Specific advantages include maintaining proper square wheel profile, which directly contributes to cleaner cuts, less chippage on the surface next to cut, and higher accuracy cuts, as well as improved wheel life and reliability.

Designed by slicing and dicing engineers for seamless integration into any MTINC dicing saw, our On-Line truing system is a dynamic way to set up and true arbors directly in the machine to ensure the optimal truing and wheel performance. It gives customers the ability to have multiple arbors ready to dice a wide variety of parts with minimal downtime for wheel conditioning, allowing them to get the most production out of their dicing saws and wheels.

The Online Truing System is available on two different platforms. The first is permanently mounting the truing system to the machine for quick and easy access during process. The other option is being temporarily mountable and removable to be used on several different dicing machines in a production line. The MTINC online truing system was design to be compact and to ease the process of truing the blade online to eliminate arbor change time, inconsistent blade ware and blade geometry.

Made In USA, Manufacture in USA


With over 40 years of experience, MTINC Machines has developed a reputation as an Industry Leader for high precision CNC machine slicing and dicing services. By providing a solution centric approach to meet the needs of customers across a wide range of industries, our high precision and power dicing saws provide the highest quality cutting services in the industry at sub-micron tolerances with extreme repeatability and reliability. We actively improve our customers products by offering unparalleled insight into slicing and dicing process development; with our wealth of experience in the industry, we can provide the latest cutting-edge technology to maximize productivity, efficiency, and ensure your product is of the highest standards and quality.