Online Truing System

Blade truing:  Machining the Circumference (Outside Diameter) of the blade to run concentric to the axis of rotation of the spindle and/or to adjust/ maintain the geometry of the blade.

MTinc’s Online Truing System is a proven robust solution to true Diamond Wheels on the actual cutting arbor without removing the wheels from the Arbor. The advantages of truing are many, including blade geometry and concentricity. Keeping a good profile on the wheel is extremely important to cut quality.  Keeping the wheel concentric to the arbor or axis of rotation is critical and extends blade life by using the entire circumference of the wheel as opposed to just a small section of the circumference of the wheel.

The Online Truing System is available in two different platforms. The first is permanently mounting the truing system to the machine for quick and easy access during process. The other option is being temporarily mountable and removable to be used on several different dicing machines in a production line. The MTinc online truing system combines compact-ability with the ease of truing the blade online to eliminate arbor change time, inconsistent blade ware and blade geometry.