Welcome to Mtinc, the absolute powerhouse for precision slicing and dicing of wide array of materials. Mtinc provides only the highest quality of New Dicing Saws, Rebuilt Dicing Saws, Upgrades, Parts and Service for your Mtinc and Mti CNC slicing and dicing machines.


With our extensive knowledge in all different models of slicing and dicing machines including the New Mtinc PDS-300, Mti MSS-816, NSS-612, LPS-350, NSX-250, NSX-180 and the DSS-822, Mtinc sets the bar for precision cutting for a vast number of materials.


At Mtinc we use only high grade, highly accurate and reliable parts. When it comes to Speed, Power and Accuracy for Precision Cutting of materials, Mtinc is the one to call.



The new PGS-Mini is a fully funtional 4 axis CNC dicing saw. The PGS-Mini is a small platform that is nothing short of amazing when it comes to power.


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Mtinc’s Off-line Truing System is a proven robust solution to True Diamond Wheels on the actual cutting arbor without removing the wheels from the Arbor.



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With care and precision, Mtinc is able to rebuild and improve machines, ranging from abors to CNC machines.


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